we are the Young Adult Paranormal Investigation Department

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we deal with ghosts, ghouls, goblins, monsters, creatures, demons, fairies, gremlins, chupacabras, banshees, harpies, werewolves, normal wolves, poltergeists, revenant, devils, headless (or headed) horsemen, yetis, mummies, orcs, imps, krakens, golems, sirens (did we already say harpies?), succubi, incubi, cyclopses, sasquatches, basilisks, changelings and vampires.


Hire Us:

if you would like to hire us to assist in paranormal investigations, please use the form below. Tell us about the paranormal activity and the scenario we’d find ourselves in if we help. Hell, if you want to write the whole case, we’ll record it. (this is how you request episodes or join in on the fun, dummies!)



Episode 1:

AK and Sam are stoned in a general studies course (despite being college seniors) when a ghost summoned from an old history book attacks the classroom. Spoiler alert: Our heroes cower and panic. An idea is born.

Episode 2:

After reluctantly agreeing to drop out of college and start a business, Sam joins AK on a hunt for the perfect store front, only to find that the world is full of more of the paranormal than they’d ever expected.

Staff & Social:



Vincent Dajani



Andrew Kratochwil